I confess: I would never be able to survive on a 100 mile diet. Well, let me rephrase that. I could survive, but the joie de vivre would be gone. Food – whether local or exotic – is beautiful, and to limit myself to 100 miles is unconscionable. When I travel, I scoff at boundaries, borders and distances, thus the same rule applies in my kitchen. I guess that makes me  very unenvironmentally friendly…hence the title of my blog. It’s just short of 25000 miles around the world, so I figure ten thousand miles out in every direction would encompass a pretty large catchment area!

A majority of my fondest travelling moments involve food – or the act of eating or drinking in the company of others, and when it comes to all of my travelling days, they are never complete until I have woven the sounds, scents, tastes and trials into a narrative. I absolutely thrive on the adventure of getting lost in new worlds, and the thrill of adventure is what keeps me going through the long dark days of winter. In the 10 months that I am grounded at home, I nurse my itchy feet by travelling the world in my kitchen, and so it came to me that perhaps I should start a blog to share my kitchen travels with my friends – and weave among them my travel stories.

It’s hard to take my friends and family with me on a journey across the ocean, but it’s not so hard to bring them along on a kitchen journey. So, grab your passport, a fork, some chopsticks and a sense of adventure, and come away with me!


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